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Consumer Packaged Goods

WordPress for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

Easy-to-update content creation

Configurable user roles with various levels of permission

Effortless management of a brand community

Consistent branding across every page

Rapid deployment of marketing campaigns and initiatives

User-friendly product locator and nutrition facts label


Features you need for CPG on the web

With an impressive, seamless ability to lead your customers from researching your products to purchasing them online or in-store, WordPress is the leading digital platform for the CPG industry as it currently powers over 30% of websites today. Easy to manage and administer, you can effortlessly update your content, inform and influence your website visitors, and build an impactful community empowered to rally your brand name.




Product locator

Lead your visitors to make a purchase by showing them where to find and buy their favorite products. We can build a dependable solution that encourages customers to shop!

Nutrition / ingredients panel

What’s in my food? What’s in my makeup? What’s in my laundry detergent? Consumers need to know what they’re consuming. Use the power of WordPress to tell them with a dynamically designed nutrition or ingredients label.

Online community

Transform your customers to be your brand ambassadors. By hosting and maintaining an online community on your website, you can integrate a new level of fandom into your digital marketing.


Your website, like your products, should be accessible by all. Don’t exclude a single segment of your market. Let us create a website that includes everyone and adheres to ADA regulations.

Search engine optimization

Be discovered. Be found. Be relevant. There is no point in having a website if the most commonly used search engines are not including you in search results. We know how to make SEO work for you.


You need more than a simple blog. You need a space for press releases, product announcements, and media downloads, including your logo and product images. The easier you make it for the press to access your brand, the more likely they will write about it.

Responsive design

With over 70% of internet users browsing via their smartphones, you need a CPG website that responds to every single device out there. We can make that happen using the most dynamic solutions and to create the most engaging experiences.


E-commerce capabilities

Don’t send your customers away. With an ecommerce website powered by WordPress, your visitors can make a purchase on-the-spot at your website. Build on WooCommerce and benefit from the blazing fast speed that keeps users clicking and never abandoning their cart — perfectly optimized for mobile devices.

Multiple ecommerce solutions, such as WooCommerce, easy digital downloads, and Shopify, make it simple for you to open up shop straight out of the box. Combined with WordPress, we can fully customize your ecommerce shopping experience to meet your unique needs and influence your customers to remain loyal.


Brand-consistent design

Don’t confuse your customers. Keep your brand messaging and look consistent across every single web page. Our WordPress site design will remain true to your style guidelines and brand. Don’t have a style guide? No worries. We can help with that, too!

Our design process starts with sketches and wireframes to determine the layouts and presentation of the vast quantities of information and resources available with the goal being ease of use and responsive design to ensure anyone can reach the information they need on any device. After the initial concept, we create a universal style guide for the client’s project that provides definition and consistency for various global design elements throughout their website, such as color scheme, typography, iconography and form styling, etc.


Easy to use

With WordPress, all of your content publishing and editing is done within an easy-to-use Dashboard. A website with multiple administrators and editors does not have to mean multiple headaches, not when you rely on WordPress. We can set you up with and show you how to create multiple user roles with various permissions, making it very easy for you to manage content updates and additions.