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WordPress for Small Business Websites

Secure newsroom

Manage multiple contributors and editors

High-speed performance

Optimized image galleries

Ad network integration

Mobile responsive design


Features you need for a high-traffic media hub

Serving as a reliable information portal for members of the press, corporate executives, board members, and, of course, your consumer audience carries a great responsibility. WordPress is the perfect platform for providing such a space to do so efficiently and with dependability. Desigo.io has the extensive expertise you need to build high-traffic media websites that complement and enhance the trusted reputation your organization has already built.

Secure newsroom

Need a solution to manage, store, and display all of your press? We’ve worked with clients to create exclusive newsrooms used to host images, press releases, and other media-related items to be accessed by reporters and authorized users. We create secure pressrooms for media websites, giving managers and editors full control of who has access to the information you permit.

Ad network

Advertisers fuel your ability to deliver the news. Don’t let them down. With WordPress, you can easily integrate third-party ad networks into your media website. We know the code to make this happen seamlessly, without creating an annoying distraction for your readers.

High-speed performance

You need to be able to provide various pieces and sizes of collateral without slowing down your media website. WordPress is an accomplished and reliable content management system that offers you a performant platform. News hits fast. You need to report it just as quickly. WebDevStudios builds high-speed WordPress websites that allow you to be the first to announce breaking information.

Responsive design

Whether it’s desktop, smartphone, or tablet, readers consume your news their way. At WebDevStudios, we design WordPress websites with a mobile-first approach. Travel to where your readers are and keep them wanting more no matter how they visit your website.

Image galleries

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but having a multitude of them on your media website could slow it down. For you as a media organization, slow websites are not an option. That’s why we build WordPress sites with impressive image galleries that allow you to keep many eye-catching images with varied file sizes, all optimized to never cause your website to run slowly.

Content workflow

You need an organized workflow that keeps content production on track. WordPress is your solution. With this open-source platform and the right plugins, you can define workflow, set tasks, and editorial calendars, manage publication deadlines, and even feature multiple authors on your media website.

We’ve got you covered

Secure, high-quality code is just the start. We consider all the little details, so your media website is comprehensive.



We specialize in building highly scalable and performant WordPress websites. Never worry if your website can handle an unexpected user load.


Having a secure website has never been more important. We specialize in building secure websites using the most current security hardening techniques.


Making the web accessible to all people with varying types of abilities is something that we prioritize in development and design.